Sedyl - Structure et Dynamique des Langues - UMR8202 - CELIA


Funded Projects

The SeDyL research unit is responsible for carrying out 20 current research projects funded by national agencies, partners and institutions;  6 of them are collaborative projects under the aegis of EFL Laboratory of Excellence.

Funded projects during the current 2019-2024 period

         6 research programmes are currently funded by LABEX EFL [2020-2024] :

  • GL4 : Inflexion (resp. E. Palancar et S. Fedden)
  • GL5 : Morphosyntax and Discourse (resp. Haude)
  • VC1 : West Asia (resp. A. Donabédian et P. Samvelian)
  • VC3 : Creole syntactic Variation (resp. S. Manfredi et N. Quint)
  • VC4 : Variation and Contact between related languages (resp. I. Léglise et S. Manfredi)
  • VC5 : Codeswitching (resp. I. Léglise)

         6 research programmes were funded by LABEX EFL [2012-2019] :


Past projects

  • ANR Clapoty: Language contact, computer-assisted multifactorial analysis and typological consequences, directed by I. Léglise, funded by the ANR [2009-2014]
  • Cooperation with Armenia  directed by A. Donabédian and G. Chagoyan, funded by CNRS-ԳՊԿ Armenia [2014-2015]
  • Discours de prévention en santé publique à Wallis-et-Futuna (directed by V. Muni Toke), Ministère des affaires sociales et de la santé [2017-2018]
  • DOBES - Cross-linguistic patterns in the encoding of three-participant events (directed by K. Haude) [2013-2017]
  • ECOS Nord – Typological approach to the multiple features of discursive coherence in Amerindian languages, directed by C. Chamoreau and A. Alvarez Gonzalez (Mexico) [2013-2016]
  • ELDP Grant – SOAS (London): The description of Pesh in Honduras, directed by C. Chamoreau [2014-2017]
  • ELDP Grant – SOAS (London): The description of Chocho in Mexico, directed by D. D’Ascanio and D. Costaouec [2013-2014]
  • Parastan, Dictionnaire thématique multi-entrées en ligne", directed by A. Donabédian, funded by Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian and Labex EFL [2013-2017]
  • PHC NAPATA: "Arabic loans in Sudanese languages: a comparative perspective" (S. Manfredi), en collaboration avec l'université de Khartoum et le CEDEJ-Khartoum [2016-2017]
  • PICS CNRS : Mesoamercia and the syntax of the relative clauses (Resp E. Palancar et R. Zavala) [2015-2017]
  • The transmission of minority languages in migration: the case of Arabic-Turkish-speaking families, directed by S. Istanbullu and I. Léglise, funded by the Ministry of Culture, DGLFLF [2014]
  • Western Armenian in France: contemporary dynamics, directed by A. Donabédian, funded by the Ministry of Culture, DGLFLF [2014]
  • Multilingual interactions in French Guiana: negotiating the choice of languages in endolingual and exolingual corpora, directed by S. Alby, funded by the Ministry of Culture, DGLFLF [2014]
  • MOBILANG: Mobilities and language contact, directed by I. Léglise, funded by the AIRD (PEERS and BEST fellowship) [2012-2019]
  • MANUSASTRA 1, directed by D. Thach, funded by the IRD, AUF, Région Ile-de France, INALCO, CASE and EFEO. On november 4th... [2012-2019] More information
  • DicosGuy 1: Bilingual dictionaries and lexicons in the languages of French Guiana, directed by S. Alby, funded by the Ministry of Overseas Departments, Parc Amazonien de Guyane, DAC [2012-2018]
  • ANR ECOLPOM [2009-2012] (directed by S. Alby for SeDyL)
  • ANR les Suds DC2MT [2008-2011] (directed by I. Léglise for SeDyL)
  • EuroBABEL  RHIM : Referential Hierarchies in Morphosyntax: description, typology, diachrony [2009-2012] (directed by K. Haude)
  • PICS Complexité syntaxique et diversité typologique [2009-2011] (directed by C. Chamoreau and Z. Estrada)
  • ELDP Grant - SOAS (Londres) : Ixcatèque (directed by Costaouec) [2010-2012]
  • TUL Evolution des structures morphosyntaxiques. Vers une typologie intégrative [2010-2013] (directed by Chamoreau and I. Léglise)
  • TUL Typologie de l'expression des émotions : syntaxe et sémantique [2010-2013] (directed by N. Tersis)
  • TUL-ILF Corpus O' - Conservation et Mutualisation des ressources linguistiques orales [2010-2012] (directed by L. Mondada for ILF, and I. Léglise for TUL)